This is Karl.

14 Aug
ahh yes, another amazing weekend with ash b. so fun and so cool! i cant get enough.
this week at work has been pretty slow. just johnboy, stephET and i, but it was still loads of fun….johnboy and i got some guinea pigs again….mmmm soo goood!
im not sure what the plans are for tonight, but i sure hope that they will be fun plans!
“kalliooken!!”…”hatsiya” just a couple of war crys that give me a boost of strength…watch out!
last night i had a really fun time at ashelias apt. with lance, jordan w., tina, luke, justin w. justin d. jeffy b. brandon, and of course ashelia! we grilled and gave some food to a very ungratefull bum!
im off to take a nap
peace and love, can bite me!

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