Goin’ home…

6 Jul

Karl and I went down to Indiana for the 4th this weekend.

We took Daniel, my 3 year old little brother, to Spider Man 2. Amazing! Especially watching Daniel watch the movie. I’d have to say I proved my “mommy instincts” that night by carrying a large popcorn, a large pop, a box of candy, my purse, and Daniel all the way from the counter to our seats 6 rows down and all the way in the inside! yyahhhh. Oh and it was quite amuzing when we walked past the ice cream machine and he started whining that he wanted some, and me quick as lightening replied “on that’s fake hunny there’s no ice cream in there” and he said OKAY what kind of little kid says ok!? but .. that was good.

Also the parade, fireworks, and cook out with Karl and the family was pretty nice as well.

I hope every one else had a lovely 4th as well


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