This is Karl.

9 May
-there is a man, that when he wakes up before 7:00am, the first words out of his mouth are “aw fu*k”
-there is a man, who gets up, and eats breakfast for 15 min, except on sundays, its much longer cause he has to read the comics from the paper.
-there is a man who is 21 years old, and still sleeps like a baby
-there is a man who thinks if he can make one person laugh about something incredibly stupid, it must have been a good day
-there is a man who thinks his loss of hair is his greatest achievement.
-there is a man who thinks, no matter how hard he practices, he is the only one who hears it and cares
-there is a man who wishes he never has to tie his own shoes again.
-there is a man who thinks the most perfect job in the world would be sleeping with all different kinds and sizes of teddy bears, to find the most perfect one for kids.
-there is a man who would love two great danes to slobber all over him when he gets home.
-there is a man who feels his walk is crooked and bent, but its still heading in the right direction.
-ladies and gentlemen, there is a man who claims, “karl is book”

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