He’s walkin’!

19 Mar

My boy is a walkin’ fool!
He is walking about 90% of the time now.

Pregnancy related and maybe too much information:

I went for my NST today – it wasn’t looking good at first.
I had to sit on the monitor for an hour, and she wasn’t showing what they wanted to see on the monitors…
I was down to the last 20 minutes before they made a decision on “what to do” (not sure what they would have done)
But then she showed them what they wanted last minute! Whew – I was getting nervous!
I was in a false labor on the monitors, and she was handling the contractions really well – which is good.
They got a little concerned about the regularity of my contractions though, and decided to check me.
And guess what! I am ripe and 2cm dilated!
I almost couldn’t believe it – I haven’t been doing anything on purpose to get things going, and already 2cm!
Oh, and I lost part of my “plug” too!
She said that she wants me to come in right away if things got painful or closer together because it could be any time!
They don’t want me getting too far with out an emergency-C – and she predicts it’d be a quick labor this time!
YAH YAH! I’m so ready.

Also, walked the mall a little bit today. And couldn’t resist the $4.99 pajama bottoms at Old Navy! I got 4 pair!
For those of you who don’t know, I literally live in pajama bottoms, and was so thrilled to see such a wonderful sale!

Well, that’s all for now :)


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