I called the ped…

27 Jun

I called our pediatrician on Monday because Evelyn would not stop screaming, and I was losing it.

The nurse told me she might be teething.
WHAT? at 10 weeks. Um, okay. Probably not.
But I hadn’t really connected anything with a vaccine reaction until my MIL brought it up to me.
(She’s hypertensive when it comes to anything and everything developmental because she’s a teacher and see’s it all)…
So I Googled “high pitched screaming” along with “vaccines” and that’s how I came across the last article I posted. It was the first article I came across.
The pediatrician’s office was too busy to make an appointment today. But, I think I am going to call again this Monday and explain that I think she might have had a reaction to a vaccination and see what they say.
If you try and google it you’ll just get lost in politics and get overly confused. It’s a mess!
But either way, most my research says that it’s the DTaP vacc that causes the neuro irritation (ie: high pitched screaming).
So, we might choose to abstain from just that one on grounds of a possible reaction.
I’m not looking to War against vaccines or anything like that.
My son will continue to finish his vaccination schedule.
I am only concerned with the perceived bad reaction that Evelyn had after her vaccinations, and don’t wish to put her through that again. I’m still not completely decided on anything though.

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