My baby girl is growing too fast!

16 Feb

We went from 5 kids to no kids almost as quickly as we went from 2 to 5.
The kids left Friday after after school.

Then later that night my parents agreed to watch our kids for a couple hours so we could enjoy V-day a for a bit by ourselves.
We went grocery shopping, and then came home to make a wonderful dinner.
Burgers with blue cheese, american cheese, bacon, onions, lettuce, tomato… mmm!
We were suppose to break in to mozzarella sticks and strawberries with dark chocolate later during the movie, but the burgers were so big, we couldn’t even think about food!
We watched some obscure small film about a guy who is neurotic about car alarms – it was strange.
But it was SO! wonderful being alone, in a quiet house.
And I let Karl sleep in this morning :)

Evelyn decided she wanted to grow up a bit this morning and try some soymilk out of a sippy!
She took it from Ethan but she seemed to like it.
She also decided that a cracker and some tic-tacs were worth crawling for!
This was her FIRST time crawling on her knees!
She has been “swimming” for a while now, but not actually crawling!
She didn’t want to repeat the skill of course, but I did manage to get a picture the first/second time.
(She laid down in-between and started again, 1st or 2nd? I’m not sure)
My infant is growing!
And yes, I’m aware that she’s 10+ months and should have been doing this by now, but I prayed to the Lord when I was pregnant that she would have a temperament like Amelia, and be small, petite, and baby-like for a long time – because Ethan came out a toddler from my womb! And the Lord has been showering me in his sweet sweet blessings and mercies with my little mamma!


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