Ped appointment.

20 Feb

Evie had her 10 month appointment yesterday…
She weighed in at an even 18lbs!
She fell to the 25% for weight!
Doc said she’s genetically prone to being tall and skinny!
What a lucky girl!
I am the only one in my family that got the taller skinny trait, most of my family is shorter and stockier – and some how Evie got my build! Yahoo! She’ll be my baby forever!
We got a little talkin’ about not letting her nurse 2-3 times a night anymore.
I knew we shouldn’t, but I want her to be my baby forever!
So, last night Karl gave her a bottle at 11pm and she slept through the night!
God is so awesome, because I was dreading having the battle of no nursing last night – and we didn’t even have to fight it!
Thank you Lord and let’s do it again, alright!?

Other than that – life has been peaceful, and un-busy, and wonderful.
I have really taken this week to just enjoy, and it’s been lovely.

But, I’m still praying for that call that says “we have a (blank) month old baby here, no medical or behavioral issues, no drug exposure, fairly certain about termination – do you want him/her?”…. YESSS!!!!!
(and yes I know, that’s highly unlikely – but c’mon!)

momma kasey snapped this pic of us when we were heading out for the day

can you tell that evie hates being strapped in?

we realized tonight that her hair can get in a pony tail – not that i’m sure i should ever do it again (until it grows out at least) for fear that she looks too much like pebbles – but it was cute for the night.


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