Jumping the hurdles

20 Oct

I am going to be getting the corrected paperwork, and updated photos that were requested in order for J. to be able to submit our dossier to the Adoption Officials, today.

We are praying that everything will go smoothly from here on out – and that we won’t hit any more bumps on the road.
We did get word of an additional fee that’s been added to our costs.
Nothing huge, but about 250 additional euros for travel costs to Olive’s home town and back while were there.
But, we’re completely trusting God for all of it – so 1 or 1000 additional euros, we are hanging on to our faith, it will be provided.
Talking with another mom who has adopted from Olive’s orphanage, and has seen Olive, makes me even more hopeful to still travel this year.
Her daughter had many more health issues than previously thought by the orphanage and adoption staff once they got home. And the doctors wanted to operate on another mothers child for heart issues that simply wasn’t warranted when they got home…
Given Olive’s pale coloring and seemingly lethargic/distant look in all her pictures, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if we were in the same boat, and could be facing a lot more health issues than we’re being told.
It’s not the orphanage staff, doctors, or facilitators fault – it’s simply the lack of up-to-date and precise medical information and technology.
Either way, I’m praying she doesn’t have to spend another freezing February in that cold crib.

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