Cheap eats…

24 Jan
We’re staying at a really nice apartment, where the US Embassy workers live, and just down the road there is a ‘fast food’ place that we wanted to try…
So we walked that way to find out they’re closed…
So, we go to the electronics place a few blocks down to get a current converter… and they’re closed…
So we just opt to come back home and stop at the small little store that is literally on the corner to pick up some things for dinner.
They didn’t have what we were looking for (butter or meat or cheese for our pasta) but they did have a huge loaf of bread, a local beer, and a ‘diplomat’ cake (like DQ’s ice cream cake)… which we got ALL of that for about $2.75 USD!
The place we’re staying is a little more expensive than all the other places you’ll find – but the location is awesome and there are a ton of little places to shop and eat, and exchange money with in a few blocks.
We’re really enjoying it.
We have our appointment at 11am tomorrow and meet Olive at 1!!!

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