Mid December Update

14 Dec

Well today was the first day off of strict bed-rest and I am thankful for it!
Tonight was also the last day of volunteer helpers coming over to be with us in the evenings – and once again Becky Bolt and her friends from her church have been such a blessing!

Ethan had a massive melt-down, both kids refused to eat their dinner, and all the kids have been a little ornery (or a lot!) at all the changes they’ve had to adjust to over the last couple weeks…. and thankfully Miriam was very graceful with us and didn’t make me feel judged for a second.

It’s so hard to not want to apologize for every little thing, the sinks being dirty, the house not being in much better shape than when we bought it as a foreclosure a few years ago, the children’s attitudes, etc.  But everyone has been very nice and reassuring that I’m the only one it bothers… let’s hope that’s the truth!

I’m really glad that over the next week I can start re-entering my role as ‘Mom’ and help Karl again with household responsibilities. He’s been such a trooper, working all day, working all night, getting so little sleep, and doing it day, after day, after day with out complaining (much). I don’t know what I’d do with out him.

Today I tried to straighten up the house the best I could and clean the kitchen and fridge out.
I could not believe how TIRED I got so quickly! I had to sit every 5-10 minutes or so to catch my breath – literally!
Who would have thought!?
I am really looking forward to getting my stamina back… if it’ll come back?! After all I AM in the 3rd trimester – AKA the ‘I’m so tired but I can’t even get comfortable enough to fully relax…and sleep, what’s that?’ trimester.

I’m really happy that we’re mostly out of the danger zone – but I still won’t breath easy until 34 weeks. After that, little miss Jobee can come any time the Lord sees fit!

A little story about the name ‘Jobee’…
Karl and I just weren’t settled on any of our original names at the beginning of this pregnancy and kept looking for a name that felt right to both of us. I actually kind of came up with the name Jobee when looking through the boys section of baby names and saw the name Job. I feminized it with the EE, and there you have Jobee.
We liked it because it reminds us of the story of Job’s faith in God.
I have to say that God must have totally agreed that was to be her name – because look at all the stuff that has happened since we had our little lady! Her middle name will be Lynn Grace. And we’ve been teased that we should just change her name to Grace (and some of that advice has been literal and serious too) to get all this over with! But, we’re convinced that the stories that are behind her pregnancy just add the first layer of richness to her name and life – and we’re stickin’ with it!

Here’s those ultrasound pictures of our pretty girl :)

And my FAVORITE! I feel like you can nearly see what she’s going to look like when she’s born. I’m so thankful that the sonographer was willing to try and get this image for us – since we hadn’t had a chance to see her 4D before!


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