Baby Jobee Lynn Grace – 12.28.10

30 Dec

So, our beautiful baby girl Jobee Lynn Grace entered the world as a surprise on December 28th, 2010 at 4 pounds, 10 ounces, and 19 inches at 7:46am.
She was nearly 7 weeks early, but has been a feisty little thing, determined to keep up and do well.

It all started on Sunday night when I felt like I might be having some contractions, but wasn’t sure if it was just my uterus being cranky after being on bedrest for so long and then getting moving that weekend.
I decided to take it easy that night and head to bed. (I did feel some crampy things through out the night, but it wasn’t more than normal. )
All Monday morning I was fine, went to get some blood work done late morning and started to have contractions that freaked me out a bit as far as intensity. But, they were still sporadic and would come and go with out reason – so I assumed they were just stronger Braxton Hicks. I also had been noticing my left kidney was bothering me, and assumed that the stones that have been hiding out in there may have decided to move a bit and irritate my already irritable womb.
Come friday early afternoon I couldn’t do just about anything with out having a very mild contraction and started to question what was going on. They started to get more regular and I decided to time them to see if I should be paying more attention to them…. and sure enough they were coming every 5 minutes or so and lasting 50-60 seconds. I called Karl to let him know and told him that I was going to lay on the couch and do literally nothing for as long as possible to get them to go away, and did just that. They actually didn’t slow down, but got closer together, around 3 minutes, but didn’t get any more intense. They were still pretty mild though.
I called my OB just to be on the safe side and while waiting for a nurse to call back, they started to get more painful and I lost my plug with some blood.
The nurse initially told me to just come in earlier than my scheduled appointment later that afternoon and see the doctor, but that it wasn’t an emergency or anything to get concerned about.
I have to say, I felt the same way – but my OB decided otherwise and sent me to hospital. I’ll admit, I griped the whole way there that as soon as I got there, I knew the contractions would stop and I’d just waste my time and get sent home… But to my surprise they stayed consistent and actually started to pick up, even in the cold OB Triage environment.
Being that I was only 33 weeks and 3 days, they decided to give me meds to stop the labor and send me home. It only took one good dose of Terbutaline to slow things down and they sent me home with Terbutaline pills to use every 4 hours until they completely went away.
Karl and I decided to use the hospital pharmacy instead of making another stop on the way home, and I had two very serious, hard contractions while waiting for the Rx to go through.  They had me doubled over and my back hurting, especially on the left side. We both really questioned if it was a good idea to leave or not, considering we both had the same idea right then – that baby Jobee probably wasn’t going to wait much longer. But, we decided to follow orders, go home, have dinner, take the pills, and go to bed.
The contractions never did stop, they kept going right through dinner, right through visiting with Karl’s parents as we picked up the kids, and right through my bath and when I went to bed. But, they had slowed down quite a bit, and weren’t near as intense – so we figured with rest over night we’d be ok…
Unfortunately I never did sleep Sunday night.
I started puking before I could get to sleep, because my left side was hurting, and the contractions were enough to keep my mind going… I assumed that the puking was from eating fast food that wasn’t settling right with me – but boy was I wrong.
I ended up crawling back in bed after puking every last drop out of my stomach and just before I started getting tired enough to fall asleep, I readjusted positions, and felt a huge gush of fluid let out.
I calmly let Karl know that my water broke, that my contractions would probably start to get stronger, and that I’d call my OB – but to plan on leaving ASAP for the hospital.
I figured being early still, that they would do everything they could to keep Jobee in a little longer, and had no intention of actually delivering her.
Until I saw it….. massive amounts of blood. Not good.
We immediately called the OB and went to the hospital.
When we got there Jobee was looking GREAT on the monitors. I literally thought we were going to lose her and was a total emotional wreck (even though I was able to pull it together), but it was SO relieving when she didn’t seem to be affected at all.
The doctors decided that since I was so close to 34 weeks, my water had broke, and I was bleeding – to go ahead and let me labor as long as both our vital signs were showing we were fine and nothing else ‘funky’ happened.
I got to the hospital at 3:00 AM and labored on with the full intention of a VBA2C for a couple hours. Things were going really well, I had an AWESOME nurse that was encouraging me to be epidural & pain medication free, Karl was doing what I had asked him (he was a wonderful labor partner) and I really felt we were on our way to a VBAC.
Don’t get me wrong though, I was on the verge of a panic attack the whole time because I knew that it was way too early to let Jobee come out, and I couldn’t fathom going along with a process that was going to put her in the NICU. It took a lot of reminding from Karl and Teresa that there was nothing at all I could do to stop my labor now that my water had ruptured and I still felt very emotional the whole time.
And then things turned.
I started getting really sharp knife pain on the left side of my stomach in a very localized spot that wouldn’t go away between contractions. My contractions started to double up on themselves and because of the pain in my left side, I could not get a break. It was not contraction pain, it was scary ‘ouch’ pain, and so I started to lose it.
I asked for an epidural and decided I couldn’t  do it naturally with that pain in my left side. I was really frustrated because I could get through the contractions themselves, but that pain was getting unbearable. I got to a 4+ laboring before the amount of blood I started losing and the coloring of the blood I started losing was ‘unacceptable’.
When the nurses would touch that spot on my left it hurt so bad, but the right side was fine.
So, that’s when Dr. Andersson called it – she said I needed an emergency C-section because she feared my incision might be opening.

I had a wonderful anesthesiologist, nurse team, and perinatologist team. They took such good care of me in my fragile state. I hadn’t slept in over 24 hours, I was in a tremendous amount of pain, I was terrified that I was going to lose my daughter to rupture, I was terrified of seeing her go to the NICU, I had just lost the last chance that I had for a natural birth…. I was emotional. But, they literally held me as I cried and took really good care of me while they prepped me and reassured me that this was all out of my hands and I was doing the best I could.

They brought Karl in, put me behind the curtain, and before you know it Jobee was being pulled out! It went so fast!
(Minus having to wait for the spinal to take full affect which was about 5 minutes)

When they opened me up to see what was going on – wouldn’t you believe it – my incisions were all TOTALLY fine. But, I had a totally unrelated complication with my placenta that couldn’t have been predicted and was not related to any of my other pregnancy issues in the past! The left side (where it was hurting) was pulling away from the uterine lining and was starting to turn in to a placental abruption.
A placental abruption is something that you do NOT want to happen during your labor, and often claims the lives of babies and moms very quickly.
Thank God that they caught it early, didn’t take chances, and baby Jobee and I were fine.
Unfortunately I was bleeding in to my uterus as quickly as the water was coming out – so Jobee swallowed quite a bit of blood. But, they suctioned her out and she ended up with really good apgar scores!
She was a 9 at 1 minute, and an 8 at 5 minutes!

Karl and I immediately started balling when we saw her.
She is so beautiful.
And she is so tiny.
And we were just NOT prepared for this wonderful little girl in any way shape or form, but instantly fell in love with her.

I couldn’t believe how healthy she looked for how young she was.
I couldn’t see her very well from where I was at, but I could hear her adorable little squeaky cry.

We were so blessed that she was healthy enough for them to let us hold her and see her for a few minutes before the NICU took her away.
The neonatal nurse was so sweet to take some pictures of us holding her and me really seeing her for the first time.

She smelled so sweet.

And so began the whirl wind that has been the last few days trying to recover from a major abdominal surgery and getting to know our new (temporary) life that is having a preemie baby in the NICU.
More will come soon! I have to feed :)


3 Responses to “Baby Jobee Lynn Grace – 12.28.10”

  1. Deana December 31, 2010 at 12:26 am #

    Congratulations! She is beautiful!

  2. Becca December 31, 2010 at 9:08 am #

    Oh Ashley, every word of this made my cry and gave me chills. I’m seriously so amazed by you! I hope your other kiddos are doing well and adjusting to having a new little sister. I hope you keep posting because you are SUCH an inspiration. I wish every single mom could follow your story.

    • ashleymade January 6, 2011 at 9:48 pm #

      Thank you Becca – that means SO much!

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