Jobee 2 & 3 days old

1 Jan

We were warned by a couple different people that preemies often have a 24 hour honeymoon period and be prepared that the second day may not be as great as the first…
But Jobee proved them wrong. She had a wonderful second, third and fourth day – and is working on the making of another great day today.

Her second morning she started to show a little jaundice and although we allowed her to have a few visitors, she spent a lot of the day under the lights.
It was a rough day for me because my milk hadn’t come in yet and unlike term newborns, she didn’t have the luxury of waiting. Because of that they had to give her formula for quite a few feedings and were feeding her through a tube in her nose. Even though she’s ‘healthy’, it’s still really hard to not be able to care for your baby the way that you’d like to – and already have to compromise on something that you had initially been dead set against with in the first 24 hours.  She did end up attempting to nurse and doing a pretty good job (considering) later that evening, which helped to bring my spirits up that maybe she would end up getting it. I didn’t sleep much the night before, so I coasted on hormones of being a new mommy again.
I spent the majority of the day swinging from being really happy to hold her and be with her, to near tears listening to people suggest that Karl go home and leave me here, and fearing if someone didn’t step up and help, it would happen. I was just NOT physically or mentally ready to be by myself yet for a number of reasons, and it’s really hard emotionally to not only have to deal with the stress of recovery and having my baby in the NICU – but also stressing out over trying to make sure my other three are taken care of too.

My Grandparents, so Jobee’s Great Grandparents, and my mom were able to come see her  when she was just over 24 hours old.
I was really glad that my Grandparents were able to come see her. Not only do they live three hours away, but they were planning on leaving for florida soon too!
Unfortunately my dad is the last grandparent that she hasn’t met, because he has been working. But, my mom was able to come up and meet her too.
I think she stole their hearts.

This is what little Jobee did most of the day/night:

Thursday Morning started out great.
Doctor Hoffman (our kids’ pediatrician) came in to check Jobee over and talk with us – and he was so optimistic and encouraging.
He said that he feels that Jobee is just a feeder and grower, he doesn’t see any problems with her, nor does he anticipate any, and that he was going to do everything he could get get us all home together asap.
He gave the orders to take out her IV and to put her in the less intense NIM nursery just TWO doors down from my room.
He encouraged me that he trusted me to be able to feed her and take care of her, and that he wouldn’t keep her a minute longer in the NICU than he thought was necessary.
All the nurses said that he tends to be that way, and that he lets babies go home pretty quickly and monitors them from his office.
It really helped my anxiety level to go down – because before all the nurses said to expect not to get her home until her due date. But, Doc said there’s no way that she’ll be there that long and he thought a week give or take a few days would be more like it.
Because she was moved in to the room just down the hall from me, Karl was able to go home with the kids Thursday afternoon and spend the night with them.
I know that he was happy to have them with him at home and spend some time with them.

I decided to get up every feeding with Jobee, which is every 3 hours around the clock, and work on nursing with her.
By the end of the night she started to get up and whine in anticipation of feeding time, and started to take about 1/3-1/2 her required feeding amount with each feeding.
It made me really, really tired. But, I think although it’s small improvement – she made some gains in actually getting up and not sleeping through tube feedings at night.

Yesterday was a really, really special day.
Ethan and Evelyn got to meet Baby Jobee.
Olive unfortunately wasn’t able to because I don’t trust her around the NICU with the way she likes to grab things and be naughty for a laugh. Although I miss her and I wish I could have seen her this week – I don’t think she knows what she’s missing out on, and I don’t want to chance her hurting Jobee or someone else’s baby by pulling on things she shouldn’t.

I could not believe how much it appeared that Ethan and Evelyn grew this week. Of course, I know that they didn’t grow any more than usual. But, when your baby is a 30 lb 2 year old and you get a new baby that’s not even 5lbs…. your 30 pounder just seems THAT much bigger!
They were so, so well behaved in the nursery. They listened so well, they gave me kisses and hugs (that I really needed!), and were so patient to wait their turn to hold Jobee.
Evelyn seriously has the ‘little mama’ gene in her. As soon as she could, she unwrapped Jobee like she was a little gift just for her, and checked her all over in the sweetest way.

She looked to make sure that all her parts were there…

It was amazing how grown up Ethan seemed all of the sudden. He held her like such a big boy and was so gentle with her. He would pat her and bounce her a little bit to comfort her.
He kept saying, “She’s funny!” and I’m not sure why he thought that or what emotion he was trying to describe… but I think he really meant that she makes him really happy and giddy inside.

My first baby isn’t a baby anymore!

He was so good to her.

Evelyn was so ELATED to hold Jobee’s tube to feed her. She couldn’t have been more proud of herself for holding it and Jobee for ‘eating’ it.
She was concerned about why her ‘bottle goes in her nose’. :)

She was very protective of her – and I think that they are going to do WAY better with her than I anticipated.

I’m so in love with my kids  and how well they have taken everything.

My two (of three) beautiful girls.

Jobee took her best feeding yesterday, and nearly ‘nippled’ it all (meaning not from a tube) when her daddy was here.
It makes me so sad that he’s missing a lot of things that are going on while he’s not here with her. And it gets me really emotional to think that I’ll soon be missing those things…
I can’t wait for the Glorious day that she nipples all her feedings and we can be a whole family.


One Response to “Jobee 2 & 3 days old”

  1. Grammma January 6, 2011 at 12:43 pm #

    God has really blessed you and Karl.What a beautiful family you and Karl have.
    Love Gramm

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