Jobee’s first week home.

15 Jan

Jobee’s first week home has been wonderful. She’s such a good baby.
At first it was tough, because she liked to eat every 2 hours and after she was done, I still had to pump, change her diaper, and chart everything afterwards. It didn’t leave much time do to anything else, especially sleeping.
It was tough to go from three to four with out much adjustment time, as Jobee came home Sunday and Karl went back to work Monday. But, we hung in hung in there and the week FLEW by.
The Tuesday after she came home, Jobee had some blood in her diaper. It was a very small amount, but it was very scary for us regardless. We were afraid that it could be NEC, which can be very, very scary in preemies. She had a tiny bit in her morning and an evening diaper, and although we had a pediatric appointment for her the next day – I could not sleep with out letting her doctor know, for fear of the worst.
Luckily the on call Doctor assured me to not worry about it for the night and to just bring it up with Doc Hofman the next day.
Her first pediatric appointment went well.
Doc H. said not to worry about the diaper issue for the time being. He explained to me what to look for and when to call and said that if it continues we might have to get a GI specialist involved – but that it would be very rare for it to be NEC now.
She gained weight – and was at 4lbs 12oz Jan 12, 2011 (2 weeks, 1 day).
He encouraged me to ween her off of the bottle feedings and on to breast only by the end of the week and to go ahead and kick the pump!
My favorite part of the visit was him telling me not to worry about the “Nazi Nurse” and to go with my intuition. He said that I know what I’m doing and to go with what my gut was saying anyway – lots of skin-to-skin, nurse on demand, let her nurse as much as she wants (don’t force feed her), and the best part was to let her sleep at night! He said not to wake her up just to feed her, that she’ll make up for it in the morning! She’s still getting herself up around every 3 hours, but at least it’s on her schedule now, and I’m not having to pump!

The one thing that I’ve noticed this week that’s different from before is that I don’t have near as much time to just lay around and snuggle with Jobee like I did the with the other two as infants.
I’ve had to make the decision to not try to catch up on the house, emails, and papers until after the other kids are in bed. It’s just impossible to take care of all four kids and do something else on top of it. And I’ve also decided that quiet time is now ‘snuggle Jobee time’. If I didn’t take that time every day, I don’t know that we’d get any quality snuggle time.


It’s been a week of adjusting for everyone, but I think we’re getting a hang of it. :)


One Response to “Jobee’s first week home.”

  1. Jennifer Brown January 16, 2011 at 2:48 pm #

    I think that you are an amazing mom! I am very proud of you. You have a great family and a husband that is a saint. Plus you make the cutest babies in the whole world..I love you!

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