Jobee 2 months old.

28 Feb

Miss Jobee is 2 months old today (9 weeks tomorrow). This past Thursday she weighed 6lbs 15oz.
In following her growth curve she should have been right around 7 1/2 pounds by now – but she spend the majority of last week sick.

Because Jobee’s bleeding hadn’t stopped yet, her doctor decided to put her on Neocate – a specialized formula that is used for kids who have severe food allergies or digestion problems. It breaks down proteins in to aminos which are easiest to digest. The GI specialist is guessing that she has a protein intolerance or allergy so this formula should have fixed it. But, unfortunately about 24 hours after taking the formula Jobee got really sick.

Now, there’s speculation as to what made her sick. Different doctors and myself have different opinions. The GRAPES doctor that she saw on an urgent care basis that Saturday seemed to believe that it was formula related and suggested that we feed her smaller amounts more frequently to combat digestions issues and reflux issues. We did that, and her symptoms continued to get worse to the point where she skipped 4 out of 5 feedings that Sunday afternoon — and by evening Miss Jobee was looking and acting really ill. She was pale, lethargic, upset and uncomfortable, coughing, choking, and puking up all her feedings. So Sunday night we (my girlfriend Jen, Jobee and myself) spent the late night and early morning in the Emergency Room at DeVos Children’s hospital.

The Pediatric doctor that saw her there thought that we were dealing with two issues. The first being that she wasn’t tolerating the formula and was suffering from reflux issues, and the second being a viral bug that was causing the issues to be compounded by the cough. The Respiratory Therapist that saw her said that he felt a lot of the cough was due to her aspirating fluid when she would puke and then scream… And then the next day when we went in to her pediatrician’s office and saw Dr. H’s parter Dr. Daining, he also thought that we were dealing with reflux and formula intolerance and put her back on breast feeding and reflux medicine! Hallelujah!

I assumed that since Dr. D was in the same practice as Dr. H that they would prescribe to the same ideas and — well I was wrong. When we went in for Jobee’s 2 month well-child visit a lot of it centered around what had happened while the doc was away on vacation. He said that he believes that the formula wouldn’t have caused any of those things with Jobee and that she must have RSV (which is interesting because the Ped at DeVos ER said specifically he did NOT think she had RSV). She had x-rays done on her upper and lower abdomen and ultrasound as well – and he said that by looking at those findings, he’s sure she had bronchitis and RSV. He continued to say that he didn’t believe any of the symptoms were from the formula and that should she have any bleeding while nursing again that she would have to go back on the Neocate. I was not happy about this.
Currently I am on an elimination diet to make my breast milk as similar to Neocate as can be and I wish that would be good enough to warrant moving on and investigating other possible causes should the bleeding return.  I do not want to put her back on the formula unless I absolutely HAVE to. I am not arguing that maybe she had a virus and some bronchitis – but I am arguing that the formula instigated a lot of her symptoms and exacerbated any of them that were due to a virus. She was NOT a happy baby taking a bottle and I was NOT a happy Mama having to bottle feed her and pump on top of it.

So anyway, we are on an elimination diet attempting to try to get the bleeding issue resolved – and should it, I’ll have to continue on this extremely limiting diet for the next 6 months minimum. Although I will be begging for either eggs or wheat back because I need some bread!!!!

Now that we are back to breast-feeding I am a much happier mama and we are both getting more sleep. A lot of her symptoms resolved as soon as she stopped taking the bottle – so I feel that is evidence enough that a lot of it had to do with the formula… But, regardless Miss Jobee has decided that she is happy only when she is being snuggled or has her pacifier in – so we’re still getting a lot of cry sessions. It may have something to do with the double ear infection she has :( I’ve been wearing her a lot and keeping her swaddled up and it seems to be helping.

She really does love that pacifier though…

In other Jobee news – just this week she’s starting to show signs of big grins coming on. When you get silly with her and nibble on her cheeks and neck she smiles with her eyes, and is SO CLOSE to smiling. She gave me two smiles today and I can’t wait to see more of them!

Her adjusted age right now is a little over two weeks old. A two-week old can usually lift their head for short periods, move their heads side to side, blink at bright lights and respond to loud sounds. They can usually move their arms and legs spastically, prefer to turn their head towards familiar voices, and bring their hands to their mouths. Our little Miss is doing all those things just as she should be and has officially moved in to New Born diapers and clothing this week!


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