“Delusions of Grandeur”

1 Jun

So I had this whole wonderful day planned out in my head for last Monday.
We were all going to wake up early, head to the beach, and I was going to document the fabulousness that was to be the kids experiencing Lake Michigan for the first time….
(And then hit some of my favorite Antique stores and get lunch before noon too… but that wasn’t to be documented)

Well, it did not go as planned.
We ended up getting to the beach late morning — much later than I had hoped for.
And the wind was whipping sand every which way… and the water was freezing.

The kids did really like it, despite the junky wind and water temperature and are already asking to go back.
So, even though I didn’t get these beautiful, wonderful images of the kids’ faces lit up at the delightfulness of water and sand all about…
we still had a nice day.

This is Olive’s face after first being put in the sand….. lol. Not sure what to think.

This was after taking it in for a minute… eventually she decided to rub her hands all over her recently sun-lotioned face to make a lovely facial scrub.
Not so fun to take off…. and she’s still not sure that she likes all the sensory of the wind and sand.

I love her little feet…. they’re so goofy and tiny for her body.

When I started to edit this picture, the first thing I thought was “OH my gosh! My first baby is getting so big!!!”
And isn’t he?
I can’t believe he’s just about lost EVERY bit of his baby look and is all-little-boy now.

He didn’t even need a hand to walk across this beach log… sniff.

My sweet hubby took the camera from me for a second to get a picture of me.
I’m not often in front of the lens and I’m glad that every once in a while he snaps one of me just to mark the time gone by.

Evelyn ran around the the beach in circles for at least a half hour singing the most wonderfully off-tune songs.
Something along the lines of: Deeeepppp in the sea….. deeeeeepppp in the sand. Running in the sannnnnddd. Runninnggg in the WWWWWWWIIIIIINNNNDDDD!

Olive worked out her leg muscles walking in the sand for a while too.

We didn’t end up staying long because the wind was so strong… Jobee stayed in her car seat the whole time and she still managed to get covered in sand.

We’re STILL finding sand places days later! But, it’s worth it knowing that the kids enjoyed the day despite it’s many set backs.


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